Barbados with Elegant hotels - think Barbados, think Elegant Hotels! Barbados is a celebrated island destination brimming with spectacular natural beauty, gorgeous beaches and azure seas, and offers a variety of activities. Elegant hotels are situated on the west & south coasts of Barbados. Barbados preserves a rich cultural heritage and celebrate it's historical attractions. Explore an island where explorers and modern day adventurers alike have come ashore seeking respite. Often referred to as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, Barbados hosts a variety of restaurants and cafés featuring everything from West Indies spiced dishes to fresh international fare. Feel the doors of your imagination open wide when you discover Barbados for therein lies the magic of the island, where you are limited only by your dreams and fancies. With every precious pearl of experience, your Barbados vacation will be one to remember. A holiday with Elegant Hotels feels like you’re coming home to family. The award-winning Beach Ambassador service treats you with warm hospitality and highly attentive service, tending to your every whim. Elegant Hotels provides comfortable and affordable luxury resort accommodation on the sun-drenched island of Barbados,
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