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Beachcomber Wedding Packages

Beachcomber have a choice of 8 romantic, beachfront resort hotels in Mauritius giving you the perfect setting for your Indian Ocean wedding. Beachcomber Wedding Packages guarantee only one wedding a day at each hotel and you will have your own dedicated Beachcomber wedding planner in Mauritius and a knowledgeable and friendly team in the UK. Look no further for wedding packages abroad, with stunning views, high temperatures and luxurious facilities your Mauritius wedding will be the perfect day.

Beachcomber offer 3 superb packages for your wedding in Mauritius – Beachcomber Bliss, Barefoot and Bespoke.

Beachcomber Wedding Packages in Mauritius


Beachcomber Wedding Packages in Mauritius


Beachcomber Wedding Packages in Mauritius



Important information for getting married in Mauritius

All couples getting married in Mauritius are now asked to provide birth certificates which have been re-issued and dated within 3 months of the wedding date. These newly issued birth certificates should be scanned through or posted to Beachcomber Tours approximately 8 weeks (and no later than 5 weeks) in advance of the wedding date together with all other documentation. New UK birth certificates must be ordered online at To ensure we receive your documents on time, please use the priority ordering service.

Please take care not to order too early as the date of issue must be no earlier than 3 months prior to the wedding date. All original documentation and paperwork must be taken with the wedding couple to produce at the relevant offices when completing the formalities once in Mauritius. Should wedding couples hold non-UK birth certificates, they should check with their own Embassy for advice on how to obtain a new birth certificate. In some circumstances, where it is not possible to obtain a duplicate birth certificate, arrangements must be made to complete an Affidavit before travelling to Mauritius. This signed Affidavit must also be dated within 3 months of the wedding date and copies sent to us together with all other documentation. If you have any questions regarding these new wedding document changes, please give us a call and we’d be happy to assist.

Additional Mauritius Wedding Information

Non-UK citizens getting married in Mauritius could need extra documentation and extra charges may apply.  We recommend you get in touch with your own Embassy or Consulate to check procedures for getting married abroad. Non-UK citizens getting married in Mauritius will need their marriage certificate sent to the Prime Minister’s office to have an Apostille stamp, so that it is internationally recognised. This will be done locally by Beachcombers representative after the wedding and will take approximately 24 hours; your marriage certificate will then be passed back to you. There is a small charge for this service, payable locally.

Do ensure that all photocopies of your paperwork are both clear and complete to ensure legal permissions for your wedding arrangements are not delayed. Please send all required documentation together so as to avoid any confusion.

We have a superb Wedding Party Offer which we hope will encourage as many of your family and friends to join you as possible. The offer is only applicable to guests staying at the same hotel as you. If you’re arranging a wedding reception, a minimum of 40% of your guests must be staying at the same hotel as you.

The minimum age to get married in Mauritius is 18 years

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