Caribbean Cruise & Stay

From£4499 Per Person
  • Fly from the UK
  • 2 night stay in Fort Lauderdale
  • 10-night Ultra-Luxury, All-Inclusive Silversea Cruise
  • 3-night, All-Inclusive stay at Turtle Beach by Elegant Resorts 
  • Exclusive departure 07 November 2020
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Caribbean Cruise & Stay

A Caribbean Cruise & Stay featuring Silversea and Elegant Hotels. As the winter months begin to draw in, what better way to recapture that summer feeling than a Caribbean cruise? Beginning with two days of complete R&R in Fort Lauderdale, set sail for 11 days of tropical splendour, Silversea style! Hop from one exotic island to the next, enjoy underwater paradises each more stunning than the last and allow yourself to be captivated by the charms of these lovely countries and end your holiday with 3 nights at Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels, All-Inclusive!


A Caribbean Cruise & Stay featuring Silversea and Elegant Hotels.

Caribbean Cruise & Stay

2 nights Fort Lauderdale

10 nights Silversea Ultra-Luxury,
All-Inclusive  Caribbean Cruise

3 nights at Turtle Beach by Elegant Resorts,

Departs the UK  07 November 2020

from £4499 pp


Caribbean Cruise & Stay – Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort

A Caribbean Cruise & Stay featuring Silversea and Elegant Hotels.

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this luxury resort features fine dining at ilios restaurant and spacious suites with a private balcony. The property is 11 minutes’ drive from Port Everglades and 6 minutes’ drive from the shops of The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale.

Spa baths and flat-screen TVs are standard in every modern suite at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. All suites feature a large seating area, ocean views, and a kitchen or kitchenette.

Spa Q offers massage treatments that can be enjoyed poolside in a private cabana. The Hilton Beach Resort pool and hot tub showcase panoramic views of the ocean.

Oceanfront S3 restaurant features coastal cuisine, live music, and entertainment while Le Marche Gourmet Market serves casual French and American specialities amid a European-style atmosphere.

Caribbean Cruise & Stay – Silver Whisper
A Caribbean Cruise & Stay featuring Silversea and Elegant Hotels.

Our world-cruisers preferred ship, Silver Whisper sports a relaxing, sophisticated and genuinely elegant atmosphere. The amenities of a grand resort. The charms of a stylish boutique hotel. Silver Whisper luxury cruise ship has it all.


Caribbean Cruise & Stay – Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels

A Caribbean Cruise & Stay featuring Silversea and Elegant Hotels.


This all-inclusive, resort-hotel in Barbados is situated on the island’s picturesque southern shore featuring a stunning stretch of white sand and lively turquoise waters. Exciting nightlife, local attractions and the popular Oistin’s Fish Fry are just minutes away in St. Lawrence Gap.

From elegant to casual and private beach dining, we offer a variety of all-inclusive, all-day dining options to suit your taste. Experience award-winning Italian cuisine, savoury international dishes, casual beachfront dining and frozen treats at our newly added ice cream parlour. Looking for a pick me up? Allow the scent of freshly brewed espresso lead you to the new coffee bar.


Price Includes

  • Return flights from the UK
  • 2 nights hotel stay in Fort Lauderdale
  • 10 night, All-Inclusive Silversea Cruise
  • 3 night, All-Inclusive stay at Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels
  • All transfers included


Caribbean Cruise 7 Stay
On arrival in Miami, transfer to Fort Lauderdale for a 2-night stay at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort
"Miles of sandy beaches, lively outdoor events, and a charming web of waterways help to make Fort Lauderdale a relaxed, vacation capital of Florida. The excitement is palpable, as cruise ships and gleaming yachts gather in the harbour ahead of adventures and luxury journeys across the waves. Soak up the relaxed atmosphere in the canal-laced 'Venice of America,' as you enjoy big label shopping on Las Olas Boulevard - or visit fancy restaurants and bustling art galleries. For a wilder experience, the swampy wetlands of the Everglades sprawl away nearby. Fort Lauderdale Beach is a lively stretch of sand, bordered by palm trees, and sprinkled with crowds enjoying the Sunshine State's generous weather. The charming promenade of red-brick tiles extends right along the beach's length and rumbles with passing rollerbladers and cyclists. Flick across the waves while paragliding, or relax with a coffee or a margarita in a beachfront bar, as volleyball games play out in front of you. For a quieter beach option, Olas Beach lies a little down the coast towards Port Everglades, and has extra space to spread out and tan on acres of smooth white sand. Spot the backs of alligators waiting patiently, and the toothy grins of crocodiles patrolling the murky waters of the Everglades – the USA's biggest tropical wetlands. A haven of extraordinary wildlife, birds wade through its swamps, and black bears and panthers roam its wilds. Take to a plane to appreciate the full scale of the national park or purr along exploring its waterways in a fan powered boat."
Check-out of the Hilton and transfer (included) to the Silver Whisper for your 10 day Caribbean Cruise
Days at sea are the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and catch up with what you’ve been meaning to do. So whether that is going to the gym, visiting the spa, whale watching, catching up on your reading or simply topping up your tan, these blue sea days are the perfect balance to busy days spent exploring shore side
Days at sea are the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and catch up with what you’ve been meaning to do. So whether that is going to the gym, visiting the spa, whale watching, catching up on your reading or simply topping up your tan, these blue sea days are the perfect balance to busy days spent exploring shore side
Sitting on the north coast of this lush, tropical island, San Juan is the second settlement founded by European settlers in the Caribbean, and the oldest city under US jurisdiction. The stocky walls and watchtowers here have stood the test of time, repelling notable invaders – such as Sir Francis Drake – and the pirates who historically looted these islands. With massive fortresses, airy plazas and sheer Caribbean beauty, San Juan is a beach-blessed star of these turquoise waters. With more than 500 years of European history, Old San Juan gleams In Puerto Rico’s sunshine, with sugar-almond painted facades and ankle-testing cobbled lanes. Decorative balconies and varnished wooden doors add everyday artistry to streets, dripping with history. Soak up the culture at rum-fuelled parties and salsa dances on this Spanish-culture infused island, or recline into afternoon relaxation sessions on sensational slivers of gleaming sand. Kick back on the beach, or satisfy a lust for adventure by exploring sprawling mangrove forests. The magic of sea kayaking after dark here is an experience you won't forget. Break the waves with your oar, and watch as the waters illuminate with neon colour, as bioluminescence creates a mystical, peaceful spectacle. Pocked limestone cliffs and karst landscapes add rugged contrast to the serenity of the beaches, and you can walk into folds of the earth in sea-carved caves, or across cliffs to hidden views of the Caribbean’s expanse. Enjoy a taste of the island’s cuisine by sampling Mofongo – a local concoction of green plantains and chicken. Why not indulge and wash it down with an iced mojito, made from crushed mint and locally distilled rum?
Glowing turquoise waters, lazily bowing palm trees, and pristine white sand beaches – it's all waiting for you in Jost Van Dyke's picturesque Caribbean splendour. Slip off your shoes, you won't be needing them too much in these parts, as you wander soft, heavenly sands, and paddle out into impossibly clear waters. The island escape of choice for dallying yachts, which visit to soak up the off-the-beaten-path good life. Join them around the pristine beaches of this tiny celebrity magnet of an island. If this is your first experience of the Caribbean's splendour, you may be a little sceptical about the reality of those famed, shockingly bright colours that you see in photographs. If so, Jost Van Dyke will be love at first sight. Splash into water that glows with a bright teal hue and is blotched with occasional swells of deeper royal blue. Snorkellers will adore the explosions of colourful fish beneath the waves. White Bay is a slice of island perfection, with a neat hill of trees framing a sandy sweep of shaded beach bars. There's nothing for it but to indulge on a bed of soft pearly-white sand, and soak in the staggering beauty of it all. The wander up to Majohnny Hill is the most exertion needed to explore this four-square-mile island, and it's worth it to see the heavenly beaches emerging from tranquil waters below. Even the natural sea formations here encourage you to unwind, with waves gurgling and frothing over the rocks to create Bubbly Pool, a natural jacuzzi. Jost Van Dyke has a reputation as the off-the-radar island getaway of choice for celebrities like Keith Richards. A lot of that comes down to the calypso charm of its rustic beach bars - especially the legendary Foxy's Bar, which is run by island legend Foxy Callwood. Rum-drenched cocktails and icy buckets of beach beers await - sure to get you into the island’s party spirit in no time.
Lush and lively, Antigua is a bedazzling Caribbean destination, gorged with sunshine and crisp white sand beaches. Historic forts, sparkling coastline, and dense rainforest all contribute to Antigua’s land of thrilling natural beauty. With its bright blue to turquoise sea gradients – the beaches are vibrant and plentiful and the island has no shortage to choose from, with a rumoured 365 options. Experience the beauty on horseback, as your ride pounds across the sands, and the wind whips through your hair. Choose to loll in a catamaran offshore, or lie back on a bed of the softest sand to soak it all in. Beach shacks cook up fresh seafood and spicy goat meat curries if you're feeling hungry. St John’s glows in the sunshine, with flamingo pink and baby blue paints boldly coating vivid Georgian buildings. Lively markets offer an authentic slice of Antiguan life, while museums celebrate the island’s revered cricketers like Viv Richards, and the story of independence. The whacks and whoops of makeshift cricket games hint at the island’s British history, and you can see more of this heritage at Falmouth Harbour - which was the centre of the British presence in the Caribbean. The area is still filled with sailers and dallying yachts, as well as the only working Georgian dockyard in the world. Built in 1725, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nelson's Dockyard, was led by the admiral Horatio Nelson himself and is a fascinating time warp. Hike up to viewpoints here, which reward with glorious views of the forest-clad inlets, craggy cliffs and pointed hills. The stone towers of sugar mills dot the island, and hint at the tragic history of slavery, amid the island's sugar trade past.
The largest of the Windward Islands, Martinique is 4,261 mi (6,817 km) from Paris, but its spirit and language are decidedly French, with more than a soupçon of West Indian spice. Tangible, edible evidence of the fact is the island's cuisine, a superb blend of French and creole. Martinique is lushly landscaped with tropical flowers. Trees bend under the weight of fruits such as mangoes, papayas, lemons, limes, and bright-red West Indian cherries. Acres of banana plantations, pineapple fields, and waving sugarcane stretch to the horizon. The towering mountains and verdant rain forest in the north lure hikers, while underwater sights and sunken treasures attract snorkelers and scuba divers. Martinique is also wonderful if your idea of exercise is turning over every 10 minutes to get an even tan and your taste in adventure runs to duty-free shopping. A popular cruise-ship excursion goes to
Right from the pages of a travel guide. Sip a tangy rum cocktail and leave your phone behind, as you sink into unbridled, undeveloped Caribbean bliss. An island gem of the Grenadines, Mayreau is the smallest island to house permanent residents, and a tiny gathering of just 200 are lucky enough to call it home. With limited infrastructure, and less than two square miles to explore, this is a place to enjoy the simple beauty of the here and now, as waves gently splash and the sun bronzes your skin. Dive spots invite you below the surface to a world of coral and tropical fish. Or you can stay put on Mayreau, to sprawl out across beautiful beaches like Saline Bay's - perhaps the island’s most enticing wedge of sand and tranquil blue waters. If that sounds too indulgent, earn your beachside bliss with a short hike up the small, densely-forested hill. You'll be rewarded with a great lookout across the other emerald islands, emerging from the azure seas. Jump aboard and hold on tight as your speedboat rips across the waves, or take a leisurely sailing tour of the surrounding islands of paradise. The glorious Tobago Cays are close by, and these uninhabited lands sparkle with a world of colour and sensory indulgence, immersing you in vistas lifted straiSwim, snorkel, and let it all go.
With beautiful seascapes, lush vegetation and intense natural ingredients, the Isle of Spice has the perfect recipe for a flavourful visit. A true sensory experience, St George's is famous as the world’s second-largest exporter of the spice, nutmeg. Just as much of a treat for the eyes as it is for the palate, its jungled mounds, idyllic white-sand beaches, and turquoise Caribbean seas are a glorious sight to behold. Thrilling waterfalls pour through the rainforest, while banana and cocoa groves spread wildly across the island. Grenada’s capital rolls down to an attractive waterfront decorated with pretty floral buildings, Georgian architecture and picturesque terracotta roofs. Breathe in deep at the spice market, where the freshest ingredients fill stalls. Heaps of fresh nutmeg, vanilla pods, cinnamon and cocoa beans all add to the colourful mosaic. Dip into the waters of Bamboo Waterfall, or venture to Grand Etang, to explore the rich and fertile interior of this scenic island, where mischievous mona monkeys explore treetops and a collapsed volcano holds the waters of a glorious caldera lake. If all of that exploring sounds like hard work – don’t worry, the island is skirted by some of the Caribbean’s dreamiest visions of seaside luxury - from famous natural beauties like Grand Anse Beach to secret stretches hidden amongst the palm trees. Soak in the vivid colours, best enjoyed with an iced cocktail and a taste of the locally distilled, spiced rum punch.
An almost mythical utopia of virgin beaches, rustic rum shacks and bays so scenic you feel like you’re intruding - Bequia Island is an island mirage of Caribbean perfection. This is the real, unspoiled experience - and with just 6,000 locals living here, you quickly start to recognise the same smiling faces, welcoming you with outstretched arms. Offering glorious - often deserted - beaches of pure golden sand, and hillside sweeps of forest and almond trees, Bequia Island is an extraordinary feast for the senses. Unlike some of the flashier Caribbean islands, Bequia - a part of the Grenadines - is a rustic, unassuming and off-the-beaten-path choice. The staggeringly picturesque natural harbour, Admiralty Bay, greets you on arrival, and is peppered with day-tripping yachts bobbing on the gentle waves. The island’s tiny capital, Port Elizabeth, sits behind, with its bustling fruit and vegetable market, turtle sanctuary, and stalls selling hand-crafted model ships. This tiny, pretty island is ridged along the centre, and you can earn your beachside bliss with a gentle hike to the top of Mount Peggy, looking out over views of Grenada and St Vincent. At just seven miles long, you can discover the whole island in a few hours – but that would be to miss the point somewhat. Bequia Island coaxes you in to slow the pace and soothe your soul on blissful beaches, where you can revel in the uncomplicated joys of sitting, reading and swimming in heavenly shallow waters. The royally approved Princess Margaret Beach is one of the finest - an arching band of soft sand and cobalt-blue waters. As evening sets in, you may find you’re beckoned to share with communal barbecues of the day’s fresh catch with the locals, or to indulge in rum-heavy cocktails at beachside bars, lashed together from sea-blanched wooden limbs.
After disembarkation, transfer to Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels for a wonderful 3 night, All-Inclusive stay.

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